when u accidentally click a link so u dont release the mouse and kind of slowly drag away from the link. threat avoided. citizens safe. for now.

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Everything is crumbling around me


i grab my friend and yell OH MY GOD HAVE YOU SEEN THIS VINE, my friend turns around; i am holding an excellent specimen of vitis coignetiae, we are botanists

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old ass ppl talk shit about my generation until they accidentally disable their wifi and cant figure out how to turn it back on

then im suddenly the mastermind of information & resources

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Haha I can feel myself slipping into depression and I can’t do a single goddamn thing about it hahaha ha ha


"New Dorp, New York" (feat. Ezra Koenig)
Wonder Where We Land

dope x 1000000000

You all need to listen to this immediately. holy shit



instead of sending me nudes you can send me 

  • pics of you smiling with ur fave stuffed animal
  • pics of you smiling with ur mom 
  • pics of plants
  • pics of ur dog
  • pics of silly lookin bugs that u find 

send me the nudes while this geek eats a flower

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